ENGLISH 5-Behind the scenes by Shân, Upper Secondary Teacher of English 5

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Week 47 Project Cars/Welding

Our students at Proffsgymnasiet study English 5 during their first year at the school. They are divided into two groups and have lessons in English twice a week. It is an obligatory course. For those students who have not got a grade in English from grade school I have a small group who get extra lessons once a week in order to make them sufficiently profficient to get a grade in English 9. These studies are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual student.

In their English studies It is among other things  important for the students to work with technical English relating to their chosen field of studies. To make things a bit more fun and interesting the students have been assigned the task of  thinking up a couple of questions each from the texts and vocabulary we have been working with during this project. Next week I will use these questions for a quiz walk around the school area. It is highly satisfying  for me as a teacher to observe my students think up interesting and relevant questions in English in their given field of studies! Student participation in making questions is both refreshing and important for self development and self confidence seeing that in their work placements and  future careers the students will have to deal with manuals and instructions that are mainly written in English.

In the meantime – as the saying goes: ”Practise makes perfect!” 

And here the students are in action in the classroom doing just that!